MIL-PRF-23236 Coating Systems For Ship StructuresThis specification covers four types of air pollution regulated ship and structure coatings that comply with the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants \(NESHAP\) for shipbuilding for state and federal regulations. There are nine classes of coating systems. There are four grades of coating systems based on temperature of application and cure. In addition to tanks, all paint systems qualified to this specification are suitable for use on any ship structures, interior or exterior, for corrosion control. Except for trace levels, all types are free of lead, chromium, cadmium, and asbestos \(see 3.2.3\). All types have levels of hazardous air pollutants \(HAPs\) that do not exceed applicable NESHAP levels \(see\). Dry Type V, VI, VII, and VIII coating residues and debris are non-hazardous waste under U.S. Environmental Protection Agency \(USEPA\) regulations in effect on the date of this specification. Type VII coating will not have any solvent added to either the base resin component or the hardener component.